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Sidewalk work scheduled in front of Firestone

On Monday, January 16, 2023 (weather permitting), work will begin in the sidewalk area in front of the Darrell's Firestone building located at 23534 Farmington Road.

This work is for the benefit of the Firestone business and is anticipated to be completed within seven days. Please be advised that these construction operations may cause slight inconveniences with sidewalk usage and pedestrians are asked to please follow the open and/or delineated routes within the Farmington Road corridor south of Grand River Avenue.

Construction activities, and the associated equipment that goes with it, is attractive to small children and can be dangerous. Please keep children away from the equipment, removals, mass grading, underground utility installation, hot/fresh asphalt, and wet concrete. If you have any specific questions regarding the project, such as scheduling or access, please call the City Public Works Department at (248) 473-7250, Mr. Mike McNutt, Engineer for OHM at (313) 516-4735, or Mr. Austin Downie, Engineer for OHM at (734) 466-4437. 




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