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Oakland County Board of Canvassers confirms updated election numbers for City of Farmington

The morning after the election, three unprocessed absentee ballots were noticed by the Clerk’s Office in a secure work room at Farmington City Hall. These ballots had not been seen by the election officials on election day. However, it was clear to the Clerk’s Office staff that, given the location of the ballots, they had been received into the Clerk’s Office by the close of the polls at 8:00 pm.
Upon discovery, the Clerk contacted the Oakland County Clerk’s Department for advice as to how to address the issue. After further consultation with state elections officials, arrangements were made to count the three ballots when the Oakland County Board of Canvassers met on Monday, November 8.
Oakland County has opened the three ballots and has determined that the “unofficial” result of the election is unchanged; the vote totals as between the two candidates that were one vote apart remained the same.
“The City’s primary goal is to make sure every vote that was cast is counted, which is a duty we take very seriously,” said Farmington City Clerk Mary Mullison. “We are confident that the three ballots were received and that the failure to process them on Election Day was a simple oversight, and an isolated incident. We understand the importance of every single vote, and everyone in my department takes their oath to uphold a fair election sincerely.”




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