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Farmington receives state funding to assist with storm recovery efforts

Governor Gretchen Whitmer approved $1.2 million in assistance for communities in Oakland and Macomb counties following severe thunderstorms, high winds and tornadoes that occurred in July. The funds were made available through the Disaster and Emergency Contingency Fund, which is used when communities demonstrate an exhaustion of local resources during a disaster or emergency. 

"We are grateful to all first responders and local agencies throughout Oakland and Macomb counties who have worked tirelessly to keep people safe following multiple severe storms this summer," said Governor Whitmer. "While these efforts have been successful, they have put a strain on local resources. That's why I've approved additional money from this fund to help cover some of the costs related to response and recovery efforts, so that residents are not left on the hook for these unprecedented storm systems." 
After the July 7 storm, the City of Farmington submitted an impact statement to the State asking for assistance. The City received the full $172,204.39 that was requested.
Wind damage from the storm was extreme. The storm took down many large trees, limbs, as well as electric lines and poles. This caused damage to roads, city parks and cemeteries. Municipal property such as signage and lights were also damaged. Multiple local streets and major streets were completely blocked by fallen limbs and uprooted trees. More than 30 downed power lines required Public Safety to secure many areas.
“We owe a great deal of gratitude to the state for helping the city recover from this devastating storm,” said City Manager David Murphy. “We would also like to sincerely thank the cities of Clawson and Livonia for their resources, time, and expertise made available to us in helping to recover from this severe weather event.”




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