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Myron Stanley Coon

Myron Stanley Coon
South side of Grand River Avenue outside City Hall

A letter to Staff Sergeant Myron Stanley Coon

In May of 1944 you left your new bride, Betty, your family, and friends and volunteered with so many thousands of your generation, for a cause so immensely important that it changed the world.
You fought honorably, valiantly, with fortitude, courage, guts, and strength for the high purpose of defeating the evils of Nazism, tyranny and fascism threatening the world then.
You came home, raised a family, enjoyed your friends, volunteered in countless ways and were always helping someone. You lived to know your great grandchildren and enjoy the peaceful world you fought so hard to preserve.
And now, as a country, today in 2020, we have failed to be good stewards of all you and your fellow service men and women gave us at such a high cost to so many. The only way to truly honor those horrific sacrifices is by keeping those evils from once again surfacing and threatening our world in our time; by honoring and abiding within the constitution; by bringing the evildoers of neo-Nazism, fascism and hate crimes to justice under the rule of law.
We love you, Dad, and grieve for the tarnishing of the sterling world you fought to give us.  God help us claim it again and keep it!
In Gratitude, Your Family
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