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Drake Park

Construction in Drake Park is began the week of July 26, 2021. This project will include the complete removal and replacement of the parking lot and all sidewalks, as well as the removal of the tennis courts for new volleyball courts. The park will not be entirely closed for public use during construction, but there will be periods of time where direct access to the parking lot and sidewalks will be closed and the public is asked to utilize other points of access or parking.
Please keep children and pets away from the construction operation.  Construction activities, and the associated equipment that goes with it, is attractive to small children and can be dangerous. Please keep children away from the equipment, removals, mass grading, underground utility installation, hot/fresh asphalt, and wet concrete.
If you have any specific questions regarding the project, such as scheduling, parking or access, please call Mr. Chuck Eudy, DPW Superintendent, or Mr. Joshua Leach, DPW Assistant Superintendent, at (248) 473-7250, Mr. Mike McNutt, Engineer for OHM, at (313) 516-4735, or Mr. Austin Downie, Engineer for OHM, at (734) 466-4437.