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Farmington Oaks and Meadows Road Improvement Program

Information for residents
A contractor for the City of Farmington will be placing no parking signs on the streets they plan to crack seal the following day. Please do not park on the streets when the street is posted no parking. The contractor will remove the signs the when they complete that particular street. Please assist the contractor by not leaving your car parked on the street during this time.
The crack sealing material requires a short period of time to cure, please avoid driving over the crack sealing material until it cures. Access to your driveway may be restricted. This may require you to park your car on an adjacent street during the hours of 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM to avoid driving over the fresh crack sealing material.
This schedule may change due to staffing and weather conditions.

High priority streets scheduled for crack sealing include:
Maplenut St.
Tall Oaks St. & Ct.
Meadowlark St. & Ct.
Flanders St.
Kirby St.