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Snow Emergencies

How and When Winter Snow Emergencies Are Declared

The following is a summary of how and when winter snow emergencies are declared:

With winter upon us, we would like to residents know that the City of Farmington will usually declare a snow emergency when the weather forecast indicates that six (6) or more inches of snow is expected. The decision to declare a snow emergency is made following a thorough discussion between the Director of Public Safety, Director of Public Works and the City Manager.

Once a decision to declare a snow emergency has been made, the public safety department will notify the media and send out electronic messages via Nixle to residents who are signed up to receive such notifications. A snow emergency means all vehicles need to be removed from the roadway within twelve (12) hours so the streets can be plowed from curb to curb.

The public safety department is responsible for making sure all vehicles have been removed from the roadway. Public safety personnel will make a concerted effort to notify the owner of vehicles that are still parked in the roadway before impounding them. The owner of the vehicle will be responsible for the towing fee associated with the vehicle impound.

The snow emergency is used to ensure that all of the roadways in the city are plowed to allow prompt emergency responses to residents living in the neighborhoods. The prompt removal of the snow from the roadway before it freezes into ice also reduces the chances of damaging city owned snow plows.

If you have not signed up to Nixle, please go to to sign up for the free service or contact Commander Todd Anderson at 248-474-5500, ext. 5107, or email at