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Press Release

Riley Park Restoration Plans Revealed

Release date: 6/6/2014

Improvements are coming in the forthcoming weeks to Riley Park that will restore and enhance the community gathering place after the inaugural season of the Riley Park Ice Rink.

The restoration is getting off to a late start, primarily because the City needed to wait for the spring snow melt to survey and record the layout of the Riley Park Ice Rink before it was moved for off-season storage. The survey was a necessary step in the preparation of the restoration plan. Contractors have been lined up and the work should commence very soon. A complete schedule is not available at this time.

Once the restoration is in place, no further work at Riley Park to accommodate the ice rink is planned. It can be placed right on the new surface and removed each year, similar to what is done at Campus Martius in Detroit. The difference this year was that work was necessary to prepare the park to accept the rink.

The plan for the restoration in Riley Park is to install pathways, some brick-paved and some concrete, and resod the remaining areas. The central feature in the park will be a large compass rose. This plan was developed by the DDA's volunteer Design Committee, in conjunction with a landscape architect and civil engineers.

Once complete, city officials hope the improvements will better position the park for more intense activities that were not anticipated when the project was first constructed in 2005.





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