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Press Release

Farmington Encourages Prompt Legislative Action Banning K2 Synthetic Drugs

Release date: 6/8/2012

Farmington City Council and Public Safety Director Bob Schulz encourage prompt legislative action to ban K2 synthetic drugs. Farmington City Manager Vince Pastue initially had discussions with Mayor Pro Tem Bill Galvin and Councilmember Kristin Kuiken whether to consider an emergency ordinance to ban all K2 synthetic drugs with the City of Farmington. K2 or "spice" is an herbal blend, sprayed with synthetic compounds and sold as incense. It is being marketed to teens as a way of getting high.

On Wednesday, June 6, 2012, the Farmington Public Safety Department visited all gas stations and convenience stores within the city to see if it was available to the public for sale. Director Schulz indicated that no stores within the city were selling any K2 products.

Recognizing that no Farmington businesses are selling K2 and that legislation in the Michigan house and senate banning K2 synthetic drugs is imminent, the Farmington City Council will not take action on an emergency ordinance. It does encourage that the four bills currently under consideration in the Michigan House and Senate be enacted and presented to Governor Snyder for signature. Mayor Pro Tem Bill Galvin stated, “As a parent of two teenagers, I am relieved of concern knowing that our public safety department is aggressively attacking this issue and our community business partners have voluntarily pulled these products from their shelves.”



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