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City of Farmington to Curb ‘Re-Parking’

The City of Farmington will amend its current Prohibited Parking ordinance, Section 31-60, to prohibit people from simply moving their vehicle to a new spot in the same parking lot after they have exceeded the parking time limitation. In addition, language was added to the ordinance to make it unlawful for anyone to erase or remove a chalk mark or other identifying mark from a tire for the purpose of deceiving the Parking Enforcement Officer.

The intention, according to Farmington City Manager David Murphy, is to leave more parking options open to visitors by helping encourage employees to park in lots that are not time limited.

The Downtown Farmington Public Parking Committee first presented this update to city council on Sept. 18. At the Oct. 2 Farmington City Council Meeting, council voted 4-1 in favor of the amendments, Council Member Sara Bowman dissented.




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