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Officer of the Year

2015 Officer of the Year - Public Safety Officer Scott BrownBrown-Officer-of-the-year-pic-(3).jpg

The Awards and Citations Committee is proud to name PSO Scott Brown the 2015 Officer of the Year.  A fourteen (14) year veteran of the department, PSO Brown consistently displays the highest levels of professionalism and sets the standard for excellent in service to the community. 
PSO Brown’s passion for training is just one of many reasons why he is worthy of this recognition.  PSO Brown serves as the department’s defensive tactics instructor and has spent many hours training sworn officers and cadets best practices in officer safety and subject control.  Because of his efforts, officers are better able to achieve subject control and compliance while at the same time utilizing the minimal amount of force necessary to effect an arrest or diffuse a hostile situation.
PSO Brown has also clearly established himself as a very skilled and talented investigator.  In 2009, PSO Brown was assigned to the detective Bureau where he quickly learned to manage a heavy caseload.  PSO Brown diligently worked a number of large-scale fraud and identity theft cases and was able to secure criminal charges against defendants who had a history of defrauding victims. 
When it came to dealing with the prosecutor’s office, PSO Brown refused to take no for an answer.  On more than one occasion, he would challenge a prosecutor who was wavering on issuing charges in a particular case.  PSO Brown’s ability to clearly establish the elements of a crime needed to secure a warrant was oftentimes all that was needed to convince a prosecutor that his case was strong and worthy of criminal charges.  One identity theft case in particular led to months of relentless follow-up before the prosecutor finally issued an arrest warrant for an identity thief who had a long history of defrauding victims.  It’s this, “never give up” attitude that makes PSO Brown a tremendous asset to the Farmington Public Safety Department.
PSO Brown’s personnel file is loaded with awards, citation and accolades that truly exemplify his passion for public safety.  He has received four (4) Life Saving Awards, one (1) Merit Citation, twelve (12) Unit Citations, eight (8) individual Citations and two (2) Letters of appreciation.  In addition, PSO Brown was previously named Officer of the Year in 2005.
On behalf of the Awards and Citations Committee, I would like to congratulate PSO Brown on receiving this distinguished award.  Thank you for your continued loyalty and commitment to this wonderful profession and to the Public Safety Department.  Because of your hard work and passion for public safety, you have helped keep Farmington a wonderful place to live, work and visit.